Officially Retired

I think it probably goes without saying. It has been nearly a year since my last post after all.  Still I manage to have visitors every day so I thought I’d make it all officially.

Last year sometime I was sitting at my crappy job in my shitty office listening to the bosses go on and about PMP’s and BHAG’s and SMART and SHIT (because that’s all it really is) thinking they were coming in line with the wave of the future and I realized that the possibility of suicide on some level was going up the longer I stayed here.  I started looking for a way out.  That way out is my writing and I needed the time I used to set aside for WoW to devote to my writing.  So that’s where I’ve been and will continue to be.  My guides are now completely out of date.  I haven’t even seen the newest expansion and I’m good with that. 

I did, however, see my daughter graduate from kindergarten and I’m going to be published for the first time in September.  Life is pretty good.  God luck to all you lovely WoW people making life and gaming work.  Maybe I’ ll take up the banner again.  You never know.


Three Things Thursday

Why not?

#1)  One of my favorite topics of conversation are black holes.  I even have my own theory on how they are formed, but since I barely passed my first physics class there is very little possibility I will ever be presenting said theory.

#2)  I have a kitten/cat weakness that border’s on clinical.  I plan to open my own cat rescue when I get much much older. 

#3) I have a habit of trying on religions.  To date I have been Baptist, Methodist, plain old Christian, Druidic, Wiccan, and now I’m looking at Buddhist (though that is more of a path than a religion).  You could call me pathologically lost (which is true because I really am always lost) but I like to say I’m a wanderer…and “not all who wander are lost” (JRR Tolkien)


No Blizzard…just no

The RealID issue hasn’t really affected me.  I opted out of it ingame because there are people in this world I don’t want to find me.  The only way, generally, that you are going to find me is if I come up to you face to face and give you my real name and address.

In case anyone didn’t know…Raven is not my real name nor is my real name on any of my play sites…I don’t think.

So when I started seeing it pop up in blogs I just skipped over it.  Then I read this, and thought I might add my small voice to the movement.

Blizzard…you have serious issues and I just might have better things to spend my money on.


Better Than Sparkley Pens

The first and only corporeal thing that was ever stolen from me was an iPhone.  I was at a party and had been drinking too much, you know how those two things go together, and was not watching my purse.  Someone walked by and lifted the damn thing straight out of the little holder I had so lovingly placed it in.  People suck.

So I was relegated back to the Stone Age with a phone I had previously handed over to my daughter as a play toy.  It liked to randomly turn off but that might be because I slammed it against a wall a couple of times.

Have I ever mentioned I might have a wee bit of a temper? 

Anyway, it worked…randomly.  The phone gods have finally decided that I’ve done enough penance I believe as I am now in possession of another iPhone.  I place it inside a zippered pocket.  And I don’t drink anymore so that might help too.  Since I now have access to the internetz that the evil fire walls can not get to I decided to try some social networking.  While I’m pretty much anti-social networking (sans blogging) the idea of Twitter captivates me.  To me it’s a system based entirely on posting random thoughts.  No, not updates.  I really don’t care what the fuck you are doing at any particular moment.  But random thoughts sometimes have meaning.  The ones that don’t are usually more interesting, but…yes.  It draws me the same way a bug zapper sucks in unsuspecting flies. 

We all have our weaknesses.

On the WoW front…nothing…nothing…and…nothing.  I’ve been playing over at my other blog and I’m thinking this blog might go dormant for a while. 

So…yeah.  Maybe more later.



The “Messy Kill”

OMG!!!  It’s a WoW post.  An honest to goodness, can’t deny it, all but the first few words at the beginning, are about WoW.  No, the preceding mess of words is not really a sentence.  I know because I have a minor in English.  Leave me alone.

Anyway, today’s topic is: the ‘messy kill’.

Personally when I choose to go on a murderous rampage I prefer the messy kill.  Life is all about organization and stress so why should it bleed over into my personal hobbies?  I am still talking about WoW…seriously.  /evilsmirk

Anyway, I got into a pug to bring down Jaraxus.  It was…MESSY.   It was a pug.  We wiped on the menagerie the first time and by the end of the second attempt we have 1 healer, two tanks , and two dps.  Actually that happened in the middle of the second attempt.  We didn’t wipe.  It doesn’t get much messier than that.  If I was still in my old guild that particular performance would have a speech following it that would not include the words, ‘good job’, ‘that was fun’,  or /cheer.  Actually it wouldn’t include anything positive at all.  I heard all those things at the end of that PUG run.  And it was fun.  And the fact that 10 people who had never played together before managed to get through that without only one fail (as in we all died) was a good job.  It made me think:  now why do raid leaders get all pissed off over ‘messy kills’?

We killed it right?  Loots were to be had.  We are moving on to the next boss.  So what if we all have to drop a little extra coin on repairs after we raise the other half of the raid.  So why?  I don’t know.  Priorities a little screwed up?  /emphatic nod

So if a raid leader happens to be reading this please consider.  If a player stands in the fire, like the tank did during the Jaraxus kill, please feel free to point it out.  If someone wipes the raid on BQL because they somehow didn’t notice the obnoxious pink line attached to them and don’t go to the center of the room, go ahead and target them and type /facepalm.  But if your kittens kill whatever they were trying to kill can we not beat them over the head with the OMG-you-suck-bat because it wasn’t exactly a perfect kill? 

Just Say’in


Friday /facepalm

Short and sweet.

The auto crimes task force was hunting down a stolen riding lawnmower in my husband’s city.

The didn’t have to look far.

The suspect had hidden it behind the auto crimes task force building.


Three Things Thursday

I owe Delirius…again.  That doesn’t mean I’m ever going to pay up…but I’ll at least acknowledge it.

I was thinking…I want to blog.  What do I blog about?  WoW?  Nope, nothing there.  The female version of the Uni-bomber at the gym?  Actually I’ve successfully avoided her.  The fact that there are to many consonants in ‘successfully’?  Not feeling that creative.  Then I had a stroke of genius…it’s Thursday!  And I just love handing out weird info about myself.  So again…thank you Delerius.

1. If there was a German dance hall somewhere around here I’d be there at least once a month.  The polka is the funnest dance ever!  And yet I can’t stand Tejano music.

Follow the link...Awesome writer!


 2. My preference in dress is goth:  black hair, widows veil, heavy mascara and red lipstick.  Yes…goth.  I know lame right?  I get a little reprieve though because that also includes corsets.  The only thing I own out of that is the corsets though…goth isn’t exactly acceptable in the corporate accounting setting.


3.  I’ve got a tattoo (one day a few more) but I’m not really into piercing save this one.  

Random thought…define consonant:  Not a vowel 

Define vowel?  Not a consonant. 

For some reason that’s just funny to me.

I’ve got to go…time to pretend to be normal again.

edit:  The pic of the girl in the corset was supposed to have this link but it didn’t.  I was already irritated with wordpress because it seems to think that my spaces are not good enough to publish on it’s site…i.e. the really squished way that this post turned out wasn’t the way *I* planned it.  Now I’m angry…but it’s an empty anger…nothing glitter pens and a pieces of dark chocolate can’t take care of.  But seriously…follow the link. I don’t care if you don’t like poetry…you, whoever you are, need some culture in your life.  And there are half naked chicks too.  kthxbai.


October 2014
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Shammy Abbreviations

CH = Chain Heal
CL = Chain Lightning
FS = Flame Strick
Hero = Heorism (Bloodlust)
HW = Healing Wave
int = intellect
LHW = Lesser Healing Wave
LB = Lava Burst
Lightning = Lightning Bolt
mp5 = mana regenerated per 5 seconds
RT = Riptide
sp = spell power


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