Happy Whiny Post Day!

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When I read this this morning I thought Yay!  Easy post!  Apparently when I have to actually regurgitate all the things I’d like to whine about they skitter from the light like the cockroaches they are.  S’ok I foundz them anyway. 

Raider leaders who say ‘fuck’ a lot.

More to the point the ones that say fuck in a derisive manner.  Fucking stupid, don’t know how to fucking move, etc.  Come on you’re leading a diverse group of people.  Can we at least attempt a scrap of diplomacy? 

People who tell you that cursing is just an inability to properly express oneself.   

Ever heard this one?  I think the point they are trying to get across is that if you use curse words it means you are unlearned or maybe stupid.  I think they are just jealous because they don’t know how to express themselves so pointedly.  I say fuck you I express myself just fine! (raid leaders excluded :p) 

People who take company money and spend it like water then get mad when you want them itemize and justify their expenditures. 

This one just comes from my job and really needs no further explanation. 


I differentiate between relatives and family.  There are two categories of relatives.  There are those related to you by blood that seem to think it gives them some sort of right to fuck you over and never actually apologize because, apparently, you are just supposed to forgive them.  The other category are the relatives that tell you to let it go should you be unlucky enough to run into them and somehow not avoid an extensive conversation.


Just that.  People. Their games, their traffic, their kids, their parenting techniques, their idea of advice, their…everything.  I’d like to live on an island somewhere with a very select few friends and only interact with ‘people’ through an internet connection that can be turned off.  Unfortunately complete idiocy doesn’t stop with pugs nor does anonymity exaggerate asshat capability by that much.  Relatives fall under the ‘people’ category but I felt the need to call them out specifically.

I could probably go on…but I won’t.  I have better things to write about.  Tomorrow will be an update on the current status of the guild and after I think I might finally start that Shammy guide.

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Shammy Abbreviations

CH = Chain Heal
CL = Chain Lightning
FS = Flame Strick
Hero = Heorism (Bloodlust)
HW = Healing Wave
int = intellect
LHW = Lesser Healing Wave
LB = Lava Burst
Lightning = Lightning Bolt
mp5 = mana regenerated per 5 seconds
RT = Riptide
sp = spell power


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