Better Than Sparkley Pens

The first and only corporeal thing that was ever stolen from me was an iPhone.  I was at a party and had been drinking too much, you know how those two things go together, and was not watching my purse.  Someone walked by and lifted the damn thing straight out of the little holder I had so lovingly placed it in.  People suck.

So I was relegated back to the Stone Age with a phone I had previously handed over to my daughter as a play toy.  It liked to randomly turn off but that might be because I slammed it against a wall a couple of times.

Have I ever mentioned I might have a wee bit of a temper? 

Anyway, it worked…randomly.  The phone gods have finally decided that I’ve done enough penance I believe as I am now in possession of another iPhone.  I place it inside a zippered pocket.  And I don’t drink anymore so that might help too.  Since I now have access to the internetz that the evil fire walls can not get to I decided to try some social networking.  While I’m pretty much anti-social networking (sans blogging) the idea of Twitter captivates me.  To me it’s a system based entirely on posting random thoughts.  No, not updates.  I really don’t care what the fuck you are doing at any particular moment.  But random thoughts sometimes have meaning.  The ones that don’t are usually more interesting, but…yes.  It draws me the same way a bug zapper sucks in unsuspecting flies. 

We all have our weaknesses.

On the WoW front…nothing…nothing…and…nothing.  I’ve been playing over at my other blog and I’m thinking this blog might go dormant for a while. 

So…yeah.  Maybe more later.


2 Responses to “Better Than Sparkley Pens”

  1. 1 Halo
    July 7, 2010 at 10:48 pm

    If you do get a twitter, add me. :) I tweet a lot though. LupineShadows is my public one.

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Shammy Abbreviations

CH = Chain Heal
CL = Chain Lightning
FS = Flame Strick
Hero = Heorism (Bloodlust)
HW = Healing Wave
int = intellect
LHW = Lesser Healing Wave
LB = Lava Burst
Lightning = Lightning Bolt
mp5 = mana regenerated per 5 seconds
RT = Riptide
sp = spell power


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